Elvis Presley Continentals Fan Club began in 1955, when four ladies, who were Elvis Presley fans got together with the intention of starting a Fan Club for Elvis. It is said that when they mentioned that to Elvis he replied.."I don't need all that fuss". They replied we are going to start you a Fan Club, and asked what to name the club, Elvis replied, "How about Elvis Presley Continentals after one of my favorite cars? Hence we are Elvis Presley Continentals Fan Club. We are the only club he ever named.  Consequently our motto "The Club Elvis Named" was chosen. Our Fan Club relocated to Florida in 1978 to combat the negative publicity that emerged after Elvis died on August 16th, 1977.  These people felt that the public was not remembering that this was a man who gave so much happiness to so many people all over the world through his music, films and his concerts; a man who generously supported many charities as well as gave to individuals in need or just to make someone happy. 
Our club has contributed to many charities over the years but our main beneficiary is the Russell Home, Orlando, Florida.  The Russell Home, a home for atypical children, is non-profit, existing primarily on donations from individuals and organizations such as ours.  We feel that supporting a charity close to home base is important to those of us who do most of the work involved in managing the club.  Elvis contributed to many charities in his hometown and Elvis Presley Continentals Fan Club,  follows his lead.  We also make donations to The Memphis Memorial Dinner Charity, The Elvis Presley Trauma Center and Presley Place. Since 2008 Our Club has gone to our Charity to have a party in their home for "The kids" to enjoy !!
We do lots of events over the course of a year. Our main event each year is our annual Elvis Presley Continentals Festival. This is held in Kissimmee in March. The festival, which is open to the public, gives everyone the opportunity to purchase Elvis memorabilia as well as the chance to meet those closest to Elvis. We also have a dinner Show for Elvis Fans to enjoy a Great "Elvis" evening. 
FIRST AND FOREMOST, the members of the Elvis Presley Continentals Fan Club, strive to keep the memory of Elvis alive and in good repair.  We will try to conduct ourselves and the club in a way that Elvis would approve.  It is HIS memory we preserve and we promise to do so with the dignity he so richly deserves.  Elvis Presley was and always will be the most influential person in the world of popular music.  The world must never forget him!
Club History