The 34nd Annual Elvis Presley Continentals Festival 
March 15,16, 17, 2013
Presents Friday Night Awards Ceremonies 3/15/2013

Awards Ceremony Speech 
I would like to thank everyone for coming to our awards ceremonies.Dennis is not here right now as he is picking up our guests. He will be here in time for the Open Mike portion. I would also like to thank all our guests for joining us this year. Marian Cocke - Elvis Nurse and the Godmother of our Club,(pause) Bardohl – longtime friend of Elvis and the Godfather of our Club,(pause) and Ron Strauss- Co-Pilot of the Lisa Marie, (pause). And Our Performers David Jericko- Our opening act, (pause), Rich Purnell – Our Hawaiian Elvis and his Hawaiian dancers (pause) , Donny Edwards – Our Aloha Concert, (pause), The Blackwood Quartet- Elvis backup Gospel singers, (pause) and Our Backup band and our Sweet Inspirations Tribute.(pause) We will be having Question and Answer with our guests following the awards ceremonies. 

First hand out the flowers, Steve gives roses to ladies, Sue gives boutonnieres to Guys.

Have the vests brought up to the stage. "say " "These vests were hand made by Our Vest Committee Chairman Margaret Guiltner and the artwork was a calibration by our Vice President Sue Demetrius and our Decorating committee Karen Langston. Announce each person who gets a vest. (read names from vests) Lisa Johnston, Kay MacCulloch, Linda Fresno, Roxie Price, George Foster, Jim Jinelli. Nancy hands out vests.

Next hand out the pins. Donna hands out pins to Nancy Tint, Dennis DeFalco, Sue Demetrius, Steve Demetrius, Miriam Medina, Tony Cernohorsky, Chris Cernohorsky. Diane Barrett, Billy T Redish, Charlene Redish, Charlie Brogan, Marie Thompson, Jeremy Ewbank, Onie Casenove, Karen Langston, Bill Langston, Betty Hayes, Marian Cocke, Bardhol, Ron Strauss, Sue Manuszak, George Foster, , Margaret Guiltner, Joanne Digilio,Donna Casenove... take one for you Donna. 

Hand out and read,.. Miriam does the sponsor certificates , Sue does the certificates of appreciations, Nancy says .. wait there is one more certificate of appreciation, here Steve you can read this one (Sue's) Diane does members of the month, Nancy does the member of the year. (speech for member of the year)“This award is rightly deserved, for her love devotion for our Club. She has devoted all her time and dedication to this Club and helps with anything we ask her to do. She is extremely devoted to Our Russell Home Kids. She does this all from her heart. The Elvis Presley Continentals member of the year for 2013 is" …. Karen Langston. (pause) One more time lets hear it for all our award recipients.

Now we will start our Question and Answer portion of our Festival. Can everyone clear the room as we set up for our Question and Answer portion of tonights event. Can all the guests please come up and take a seat at our Dais. 

  in order on dias
Miriam Medina
Steve Demetrius
Sue Demetrius
Nancy Tint
Diane Barrett
Donna Casenove 

Dennis DeFalco had to leave to pick up the guests

Friday Night Question and Answer with our Guest  3/15/2013
Friday Night Open Mike  Event 4/15/2013 
singing to
Sue Demetrius