The 35th Annual Elvis Presley Continentals Festival 
March 7th,8th, 9th, 2014
Presents Friday Night Awards Ceremonies 3/7/2014

Awards Ceremony Speech 
I would like to thank everyone for coming to our awards ceremonies.

[Nancy speaks]: says an opening speech
[ Sue speaks]: Gives her stepping down speech
[Nancy speaks]: Thank you Sue.
  [ ask the Officers if there are any announcements that need to be made before the awards ceremony.]
Now. Let us proceed with our Awards Ceremonies

Awards Ceremony procedures
Vests vests are presented 1 by Diane & 1 by Miriam
(Nancy announces each vest recipient)
Karen Ednie & David Jericko

Pins (pins are presented by Linda)
(Nancy reads names of who gets pins)
Nancy Tint, Dennis DeFalco, Sue Demetrius, Steve Demetrius, Linda Fresno, Roxie Price, Miriam Medina, Diane Barrett, Jeremy Ewbank, Billy T Redish, Betty Hayes, Linda Waesaw, Richie Felzak, Joanne Digilio, Marie Thompson, Dawn Padilla, Charlie Brogan, Jim Jinelli, Karen Langston, Bill Langston

Corporate Certificates (certificates are presented by Dennis)
(Nancy reads who gets each certificate is for)
CiCi's Pizza, Peppinos, Giovanni's & Ramada Gateway

Members Of The Month (awards presented by Roxie)
Nancy reads each certificate about why they got this and hands to Roxie to present

Member Of The Year (Presented by Sue)
Nancy announces the member of the year and Sue presents award
[Nancy speaks] and now for our member of the year for the great job well done above and beyond the duties of the committee, and now our member of the year is ….. JOANNE DIGILIO

Congratulations everyone on a job well done this year. 

I would like to invite our guests to come up and have a seat for some questions and answers.
(introduce guests as they are seated at the podium),                 Ron Strauss, Pam Buske & Pat Martin ......  hand the mike to the first guest and as each guest speaks they turn the mike over to the next guest) 
(after all thequestions and answers with the guests , it is now time to start the open mike) 
Now we will begin the Friday night entertainment part of our festival. 
Okay everyone now we have audience participation. We will have “Dancing with our stars”, as our guys are singing anyone who would like to dance can dance with the person of their choice, this includes Guests, ETA's , our Officers, or even you own husband or wife.  We will also have our kissing booth, come on and get ready to get kissed. We will have our DJ say a little something (about the music and song order)he hands the mike back to Nancy
[Nancy speaks} Now I will turn the mike over to our MC Dan Stevens. [Dan will announce each singer]
when friday night is over
 Jeremy plays American trilogy... sung by Elvis.
  in order on dias
Miriam Medina
Linda Fresno
Diane Barrett
Sue Demetrius
Nancy Tint
Roxie Price 
Dennis DeFalco

Friday Night Question and Answer with our Guest  3/7/2014
Friday Night Open Mike  Event 4/7/2014