The 38th Annual Elvis Presley Continentals Festival
& 2nd Ultimate Contest 
June 16th & 17th, 2017
Elvis Presley Continentals Fan Club
 Friday Night Awards Ceremonies 6/17/2017

 Festival Awards Agenda

Awards Ceremony procedures

Certificate (s) of Appreciation 
(Nancy reads who each certificate of application is for)
(applications are presented by )
Dennis DeFalco to Noel & Kaye Johnston for Elvis items donated to our club
  Miriam Medina to Mary Perdomo for making Elvis baskets for our silent auction
  Diane Barrett to Jeanne Vandesander for Elvis Items donated to our club
Officers appreciation
(Nancy reads who each certificate is for)
(applications are presented by )
Diane Barrett to Nancy Tint, President
Roxie Price to Diane Barrett, Secretary 
Dennis DeFalco to Miriam Medina, Treasurer
Linda Fresno to Dennis DeFalco, News Editor Officer
Miriam Medina to Linda Fresno, Member At Large
Diane Barrett to Roxie Price, Member At Large
Corporate Certificates  
(Nancy reads who each certificate is for) 
(certificates are presented by) 
 Linda Fresno to Jericko Production
 Dennis DeFalco to Mount Dora
 Miriam Medina to Brian Young
Diane Barrett to Stan Allen with The Crew
Roxie Price to Mount Dora Plaza Cadillac 
(Nancy reads names of who gets pins) 
 (pins are presented by Linda Fresno & Roxie Price)
Nancy Tint, Karen Ednie, Miriam Medina, Diane Barrett, Dennis DeFalco, Linda Fresno, Roxie Price, Billy T Redish, Charlene Redish, Betty Hayes, Joanne Digilio, Marie Thompson, Dawn Padilla, Charlie Brogan, David Jericko, Angel Davids
last 4 pins go to Guests/Judges. Brenda Hart, Gary Buck, & Bardahl

(Nancy reads who each certificate is for and why they received this) 
(certificates are presented by)
March 2016
For helping to run our 2016 Ultimate Contest Festival
Roxie Price to Charlene Redish... Photographer 
Linda Fresno to Jackie Parker... Photographer
Dennis DeFalco to Charlie Brogan... Front Door
Diane Barrett to Dawn Padilla... Front Door
Miriam Medina to Marie Thompson... Hospitality Room
Roxie Price to Todd Redish.... Sound
Linda Fresno to Karen Ednie….Sound
Dennis DeFalco to The Crew .... Contest Band
Diane Barrett to Thomas McGuigan... Security
Miriam Medina to Gary Buck ….Judge
Roxie Price to Portia Griffin... Judge
Linda Fresno to Brenda Hawkins Hart... Judge
Dennis DeFalco to David Jericko … Contest Emcee
Diane Barrett to Dan Stevens... Show Emcee
Miriam Medina to Joanne Digilio.... Club Table
Roxie Price to Beth Digilio... Club Table
Linda Fresno to Angel Davids … Festival Runner 
Dennis DeFalco to Angie Fenner... Silent Auction
Diane Barrett to Al Fenner... Auctioneer
Members Of The Month  
(Nancy reads who each certificate is for and why they received this) 
April 2016
No One

MAY 2016
Roxie Price to Tyler Labadie... for doing our Video for the 2016 Ultimate Festival

JUNE 2016
Linda Fresno to Charlie Stracuzzi and 
Dennis DeFalco to Terry Angeleotti... For putting up and running the Lighting

JULY 2016
No One

Diane Barrett to John Varner... Taking our wreath to Graceland

Miriam Medina to Cody Lent … For running the dance music and karaoke for our Sock Hop

Roxie Price to Mary Perdomo... For making baskets for the club Silent Auction

Linda Fresno to Randy Elvis Walker and 
Miriam Medina to Alicia Walker... For getting new members 

Diane Barrett to Daytona Shores… for being our Santa at our Christmas Party

Dennis DeFalco to Renee Brasfield… for running the sound at our ShaNaNa Legends Tribute Fundraiser
(Nancy reads who each certificate is for 
These certificates are for participating in our ShaNaNa Legends Tribute Fundraiser)
Diane Barrett to Daytona Shores, 
Miriam Medina To Cody Lent, 
Roxie Price to Robert Lutz, 
Linda Fresno to David Jericko, 
Diane Barrett to Doug Gagnon, 
Dennis DeFalco to Chris Gagnon, 
Miriam Medina to Al Fenner, 
Roxie Price to Angie Fenner, 
Linda Fresno to Ajay, 
Diane Barrett to Lois, 
Dennis DeFalco to Stephanie Grube,
Miriam Medina to KennE Grube
Roxie Price to Patrick Sebastian
Linda Fresno to Angel Davids
Diane Barrett to Kenny Hutzler
Dennis DeFalco to Matthew Clark
Dennis says...I would also like to thank the Officers who helped with the ShaNaNa Legends Tribute Fundraiser for our Club.

No One

MARCH 2017
Roxie Price to Jo Ann Crane... For traveling from South Carolina to attend our club meeting

APRIL 2017
Linda Fresno to Rhea Edenfield... For helping our club advertise in Jacksonville

MAY 2017
Diane Barrett to Charlie Brogan... For donating $80.00 to our club to make our flower arrangement for Elvis Week.

JUNE 2017
Miriam Medina to Angel Davids …. for helping Nancy with the designing and printing, Also helping Dennis putting up the sign for advertising. Help carrying and putting thing were needed. Doing all around help were needed. 

Member Of The Year  
(Presented by Nancy Tint )
Nancy announces the member of the year and presents the award
[Nancy speaks] and now for our member of the year for a great job well done above and beyond the duties of the committee & positions this person took on, doing everything that he could do for our club from the heart and the love of our Charities... The Russell Home and Wounded Warriors, for the love of Elvis Presley & Elvis Presley’s club... and now our member of the year is .......….. David Jericko
after David accepts the trophy say:
Congratulations everyone on a job well done this year. 

      Back of our Club vests
Elvis Presley Continentals  2017 member of  the year           David Jericko
Elvis Presley Continentals  2017 winner of our sing-off           Jody Cone
Elvis Presley Continentals Fan Club  2017 Festival Wine Walk
Elvis Presley Continentals Fan Club Presents "Elvis in Concert" Starring  The winner of our 
2016 Ultimate Contest
Al Joslin
with "The Crew" Band
Concert Emcee Dan Stevens