Halloween Party
     Jailhouse rock
    Return to Sender
     Our Halloween Parties are always "Elvis Themed" . We always ask everyone to come in a costume that pertains to something "Elvis". Here are some of the ideas our club members came up with. We give best costume prize for the best and it's always hard to choose. look below and see how great they are. Thank you, thank you very much !!
        I'm so "Hurt"
 Blue Christmas
     Jailhouse rock
    Burning Love
 Blue moon of Kentucky
Little Egypt
Doctor John Carpenter & Sister Michelle "Change of Habit" 
 polk salad Annie
one night with you
Jess Wade & Tracy Winters
 Baby I don't care
kiss me quick
indescribably blue
 if I can dream
 G. I. Blues
 from a jack to a king
 Ann Margaret
"Viva Las Vegas"
 Blue Hawaii
 Money Honey
 I'm so "Hurt"
 Girl with the red dress on "what I Say"
Mrs Manaca "Blue Hawaii"
 Jailhouse rock
 Sister Michelle "Change of Habit" 
        And a look at some costumes from other halloween Parties
 Group Singing Monster Mash
 Group Halloween Photo
Hard Headed woman,   guitarman,   Puppet on a string,   Ann Margaret,  Jail house Rock ,
Marlyn's Flapper,   Warden (swat ),  Surrender
 Our DJ Jeremy

 Hard headed woman (Miriam)
 Ann Margaret (Nancy)
 Puppet on a string (Dennis)
 Marlyn's Flapper (Diane)
 Surrender (Charlie)
 Jailhouse Rock (linda & Richie)
 Richie singing Hound dog
 Charlie Singing 
Sweet Caroline
 Girls Singing 
Be My Baby