"SPECIAL" MEETING MINUTES
                             SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

Nancy Tint; Dennis DeFalco; Diane Barrett; Karen Ednie; Miriam Medina; Linda Fresno; Roxie Price; Billy T Redish; Marie Thompson; Dawn Padilla; Charlie Brogan; Linda Warsaw; Richie Felzak; Joanne Digilio; Donna Casanove; Onie Casanove; Tommy Mack; Nancy Gardner; Tom Gardner; Patrick Sebastian.  

Meeting called to order by President Nancy Tint at 1:10PM
Pledge of Allegiance said at 1:10 PM
Onie opened the meeting with a prayer

Treasurer's Report read by Miriam Medina
Statement Dates: July 1, 2014 thru August 29, 2014
Total Deposits: $ 271.52
Total Expenses: $ 208.48
Ending Balance: $1,355.32
Current Balance: $1,428.48 as of 09-14-2014

Miriam started the meeting by saying: That we usually have our board meeting at 1:00 PM and the regular meeting at 2:00 PM, but since this was a special meeting and we were expecting more people to show up, we started at 1:00 PM. This is a special meeting to see what we can do to go forward to better run our club. If you have any concerns, please raise your hand in an orderly fashion and we will address your concerns. Miriam also said, that It doesn't matter if you don't like any members of the board or any club members, it just matters that this is Elvis Presley's Club and we can't let it go down. 

Nancy Tint said: That we received two post cards from Joanne Digilio. One for Dennis and I and one for the club. Thank you Joanne.
I put out the flyers for events and programs. 

Joanne took our flower arrangement made by Karen Ednie, to Memphis for Elvis Week and attended the President's event to represent our club and present them with a copy of our check and our photo that showed our donation of $2,000.00 to The Russell Home. Joanne said, I have lots of items for our club table for the festival. 

Onie said: Graceland is not being sold and neither are the planes. They are moving the planes across the street to the Graceland side. 
Onie said: I think I am going to start some crap. Onie also requested that we have a special election of officers across the board. The biggest thing you hear out there is we don't want this person or that person on the board so I suggest we have an election and put people up there and if your person doesn't win then you had a chance at it so sit down and shut up and support the club.

Miriam said: That we can't change our election date to accommodate just a few people that are not even in our club. A year ago everybody had an opportunity to change everyone of us. It will be two and a half years when we have our next election for President. 

President Nancy said: That each election depends on when that board member started and when their time is up. 

Miriam said: Either you have to impeach somebody like they do for the President of The United States or wait until their time is up. You can't go changing the election time just because a few people want to change it. 

Onie said: You could have a special election.

Miriam said: And what would be the reason for it?

Linda Fresno: Said that would be like somebody didn't like me and then we had an election and Joanne got elected and then somebody didn't like Joanne in that same year, then we would have to have another election? We would be having elections every year. We ain't going to be doing that every year. It is too much time and too costly. I don't know of anybody who wants to be president. 

Miriam said: Nancy does a hell of a job. She has a lot of hats and she played editor this year cause our editor passed away and she did a terrific newsletter in a very short time & the newsletter went out on time.

Linda Fresno: Said if something is not broken then we don't need to fix it. Then if anybody wants to run at the right time then you need to do five out of the ten things, like work the festival, etc. to be eligible to run. You can't just come in from off the street and run. 

Onie said: I agree you have to have the criteria to run but they are having a disagreement with the time span of the elections.

Miriam said: That is why we had this special meeting for them to come and voice their opinion. Since they didn't come, their opinion doesn't count.

Vice President Karen said: I ran for Vice President because there was an opening and nobody was running for Vice President . I am here and we have new blood now. We had this special meeting because anybody who had concerns could show up. We have been saying this for three months and so three months later they could come to this meeting. Then you see who showed up, (Onie and Donna) are the only two that haven't been coming to our meetings that showed up. My concern is that if other people put you up to this they should have come and voiced their own opinions. We had papers that we handed out for this special meeting and I handed them out to the ETA'S. Nobody came and how does that make me feel as the Vice President? I think that what happened in the past is the past and I think we need to move forward and I don't think we just need to accommodate five people. 

Onie said: I am not here representing anybody, I am just listening to all the crap that is going on out there. How can we stop all the negativity out there with all that crap out there? No matter who wins or loses people should be behind the club. 

Miriam said: We must stop all of this. We are not having new elections. When election time comes up again then we can talk. Let the few who want new election date come to our meetings and join our club and meet their criteria and when it comes to election time, then they can run. We are not going to oust anyone of us just because they said and we are not changing anything and that's the way it's going to be. If anyone has concerns; that is why we are having this meeting. When I was at the Why Not I gave out a bunch of papers about this meeting. I didn't leave it up to just Nancy to send it out, I personally gave out the papers and personally talked to them and not one of them are here. I know a lot of them don't like Nancy but they have no room to talk. She puts on a lot of hats and took over the newsletter and a lot of jobs and nobody would be doing as good as her. She gets everything sent to her address so she can update her club info and instead of wasting time sending them to me, and me sending them back to her ( lots more stamps and envelopes) she takes what information she needs and gives the receipts to me when she sees me or e-mails them to me. She helps everybody with things and doesn't complain about it. To my knowledge this club is running better than ever. Nancy is very personable and greets everybody with a hug and what better public relation can we get than that.  

Marie said: How did this special election come about and where are all these people that wanted it? 

  Linda Fresno said: When we have an opening, all of them can join and run and if the one they are following doesn't win, then they walk back out. They should be here for the club first and not for the person running. Members should be here to help our club and not put it down. If they walked out they are not a true Elvis Fan but an ETA Fan. 

Roxie said: Nancy Tint was re-elected. Where were all those people who did not like her? Not one person ran against her. When something happens every one wants to point a finger. This is a club! We run things together. She offers her help to every committee but if it is a suggestion it is voted on and if it doesn't go through don't blame Nancy, it was all of us on the board. 

 Miriam said another thing; all these ETA'S are not Elvis. Elvis is Elvis. If you want to support this club to run right, then you have to come as an Elvis Fan and not an ETA Fan. A lot of ETA'S are going on their own. Most of the ETA'S got their start with this club. Just because they are out there making money they should not forget where they got their start. Todd (Billy T) is always here for us and he is a great help with this club. If the ETA'S would remember where they started we would have this room filled up. They could at least come to our meetings when they can & once a year to our festival and show their appreciation to the club that started their career.

Roxie said: Some people wanted us to have a one night Elvis show. We would be glad to have one, if the ETA'S volunteered. They would be sanctioned when they do a show for us for that show only. If we have a volunteer we will find a place to have that show. They should help us because it is all about Elvis.

Donna Casenove: Said the question I have is: I don't know when these elections are? 

Miriam said: If you came to the meetings, you would know because Nancy Tint announces it month's in advance of the festival.

Nancy Tint. said: Donna Casanove was a past officer as member at large and she should know how things are run. The elections are always at the festival and they are every four years from when that person started as an officer. Then when the members vote them in, they are in for another four years. We let members know six months in advance if they want to run for that position so that they have time to campaign. There is no election when no one has announced that they want to run for that position. 

Billy T. said: That when Karen Langston was running against Karen Ednie for Vice President and she (Karen Langston) stepped down, I told Karen Ednie to go for it. Now she is in for four years. 

Donna Casanove said: How does the election work and how do we get the votes?

Nancy Tint. said: When the election time comes we have a ballot box and ballots. Anyone who wants to vote gets one ballot. We can also have mailed in ballots from the members who live too far to attend our festival. Only current members can vote. 

Miriam said: It isn't every four years for the election; it is when that position is up. Nancy Tint. is up in two and a half years and Karen Ednie is up in four years and so on. We will announce when we will have an election for each position. 

Nancy Tint. said: Only when somebody steps down do we have an election sooner for that position.

Donna Casenove. said: But I didn't see any ballots.

Miriam said: Had Karen Ednie continued to run against Karen Langston, we would have had ballots but since she opted to let Karen Langston. take the position, there was no one to vote for & there was no ballots. Then Karen Ednie automatically got in when Karen Langston. after the festival gave up her position as V.P. 

Marie said: How does the chair people work?

Nancy Tint. said: Chair people get appointed by the Board and the Chairperson picks people to be on their committee. Which needs to get approved by the board. If someone steps down, then someone else gets appointed. There are rules for each committee. 

Marie explained how she got started on her committee.

Nancy Tint said: Marie you do a great job! Nancy complemented everyone on a great job that they are doing and explained that Karen Ednie has a lot of hats too.

Marie explained about the Elvis baskets.

Miriam showed the wreath given for Elvis Week and said what a terrific job Karen did on the wreath.

Nancy Tint. said: These are the open committee's: Editor's position is open. If somebody wants to do it, but I don't mind doing it. The liaison was an opened committee but someone took that position. Shirley Schwebs wanted that position because she wants to help the entertainment committee and the vendor committee. She would have been here but she had her daughter's birthday party to attend. 

Roxie said: That people asked about a one day Elvis Festival. They also said that If the festival paid for itself then we would continue to have the three day festival. The festival paid for itself and we had additional money left over with everything paid off. We gave a good donation and we have additional money towards next years festival & money for expenses. 

Miriam said: We had asked by e-mail and phone calls if the members would rather have the three day festival or one day show and 80% of our members wanted the three day festival. They said they enjoyed the personal friendship they had with each club member. They wanted it to continue because it is a tradition. To have this club go down and have the ETA fan clubs survive is a shame. The Jacksonville club is one of our biggest supporters. They live so far away yet they always come to our festival. 

Marie talked about Patsy (one of the first officers) who started this club.

Nancy Gardner said: We should be talking about Elvis and should be watching Elvis movies. None of our other friends understand Tom and how he feels about Elvis. I am getting donations but I need a better letter from Betty for the 501C3, so I can continue to get big donations. 

Miriam will call Betty and get the letter since she is the treasurer.

Charlie said: I want to talk about what happened at our last festival. Nancy and Dennis brought all the items to the festival in numerous trips. That is not going to happen again. I want to help Nancy and Dennis with bringing the items. I want to donate a U-Haul truck and gas for our next festival. 

Miriam said: We could spend a $100.00 every year because we use to spend $700.00 to $800.00 for the truck for Onie and Paul. 

Linda Fresno said: We have to try and get more people to contribute to get donations for the kids dinner.

Linda and Roxie both talked about how they get the kids donations.

Miriam talked about the 501C3. That it would cost us $900.00 to try to change it without any guarantee. And about when Carol Kinelski filed the papers and why we couldn't get it then.

Nancy Gardmer. said: She will get some information from her lawyer friend for us to try to get the 501C3.

Nancy Tint. said: That we will be updating the phone committee list with the correct information and will be getting them out soon.

Members of the Month: For August goes to Joanne Digilio for taking our wreath and attending the Presidents event for us at Elvis Week & for September: Nancy Gardner for her efforts in getting the corporate donations for us.

Nancy Tint said: That we have festival flyers, vest flyers and applications for the club. We also have flyers for the benefit for Patrick's Mom.

Nancy asked: Does anyone have anything else to say before we adjourn? 

  Miriam Medina suggested to adjourn the meeting and Diane second it

Meeting adjourned at 3:00PM.