President Nancy Genovese Tint  
My Daughter Susie
My Grandson Gary
 from baby to grown up boy
My Son-in-law Gordon
     My Daughter Susie, Me and My Son Bobby
    My Boyfriend Dennis as Bowzer 
My Boyfriend Dennis
I was Born in Coney Island, Brooklyn New York. I was Born Nancy Genovese, I was married and got the name Tint. I am  Italian American. I am Italian descent and I am Proud to be an American. I am a Mom ... I have a daughter Susie Sanford and a son Bobby Tint. I am a grandma...  I have a grandson Gary Sanford. My Boyfriend is Dennis DeFalco. I have a son-in-law Gordon Sanford.. I have a daughter-in-law Patricia Ann Tint. I have fur  babies in my home and in my garage.  Cupcake (grey and white cat) , Smokey (Grey Tiger Cat), Cutiepie 
(grey and white cat ) Creampuff (black cat) & Dotty (black & White cat) We also Saved Kittens so we have more kittens in my home.( too many to name to post)  Ashes (Grey cat) & Meow (Black cat) in Garage. I have the rest of my family in New York. I have lots of friends in our Club. I also have lots of friends from where I grew up- CONEY ISLAND.  I have the best Family and friends anyone could ask for .AND... I am Proud to be the President of the Greatest Club in the world .. The Only Club Elvis Presley named. !!!
  My Family
Sweet Inspiration Tribute
Tracy Winters Tribute
 Nellie Bly Tribute
Little Egypt
Shelly Fabares Tribute

Hawaiian Tribute Show
My son Bobby holding my grandson Gary
Susie and Gary on Coney Island boardwalk
​Gary Susie and Gordon

Susie and Gary 
My son Bobby with my daughter-in-law Patricia Ann
My Grandson  Gary fishing