Elvis Presley Continentals Fan Club
 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest 
and Festival July 30th to Aug. 1st, 2021 
Our Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest
Friday, July 31st 2021
Our Emcee David Jericko
Our Judges
Brenda Hart
Ronnie Hart
Gary Buck
Our Ultimate Contest Entries
names will be posted as they enter
Brian Pickrell
We will be having an Karaoke after Event party in the Karaoke room the room after the ETA dressing room. Friday July 30th and Saturday July 31st, 2021

Matt Stone
Jordan Poole
Brandon Shepherd
Mike Riddle
Vito Ameruoso
Josh Davis
Braxton Sykes
Youth ETA division
Ben King
Colton Janecke
Michael Burgess
Tim "E" Hendry
Oliver Steinhoff