Vice President 
I am new to Florida moved here 8 yrs. ago from New York; I was born and raised there. I have been married to my husband Jimmy for 55 yrs. we have 2 children a son Jimmy who lives in New Jersey and a daughter Beth who lives here with us. I have a little shit-zu dog named Daisy; and a feral cat named Precious who decided about a year ago; that this was her home. She comes and goes but, mostly stays in our lanai. 
  I joined the club when I moved here; I knew about the club of course, it is the only club Elvis himself named. I was so happy to become a member; and wanted to get involved with it right away. I am still the club table chairman; we sell t-shirts and other items for the club. 
  I guess you would say I am a die hard Elvis fan; have been all my life, if I tell you how long you will know my age,. My house is a tribute to him he is in every room; not to mention the one large room that is wall to wall; floor to ceiling Elvis. I just love looking at his pictures; his movies, hearing him sing; that is best of course.