It’s with great sadness that I have to report the death of the Godfather of the Memphis Mafia, Lamar Fike. who sadly died today .. 22 Jan ..
R.I.P Lamar ..

  Lamar Fike was a member of the Elvis Entourage -Memphis Mafia. He worked lighting while Elvis appeared in Vegas and took care of the Kung-Fu transport needs. Elvis' nickname for Fike was Buddha. He first met Elvis by hanging out in front of Elvis' Home on Audubon Dr, in Memphis Tenn. until finally invited in by Elvis Mom Gladys to come in and visit for a while. Over the year he was the butt of many jokes without seemingly getting too upset. Elvis bought Fike a number of cars and when Elvis was drafted in 1958,  Fike tried to enlist, but was turned down because of his weight problem. Lamar Fike one of Elvis' very best friends has passed away at age 75. Lamar first met Elvis in 1954 and began working for him in 1957. Lamar stayed a close friend of Elvis throughout the years, often providing the humour that helped Elvis and the gang get through the tough days. Lamar Fike also worked for Hill and Range music publishers and brought several major songs to Elvis' sessions including 'Kentucky Rain' and 'Indescribably Blue'. Lamar travelled with Elvis after he went back on tour, working as the lighting director. He was with Elvis until he died. Lamar was well-known for his sense of humour and his outspoken honesty.
  Lamar Fike 1935-2011